Cancel Your Camera Subscription

Recent news has revealed that Alden Global Capital, the Camera’s hedge fund owner, is siphoning millions of dollars from the newspaper’s operations, with no intent other than to continue draining the paper until there is nothing left of it.  Many readers have been wondering how to stand up to Alden’s predatory practices.

Former editor Dave Krieger shared the answer in a recent newscast.  Protests and public outrage “will not matter,” he stated.  Alden answers to no one other than their investors. All they care about is cash.”  That’s why, he concluded, “collective action” is imperative, where everybody cancels their subscriptions “and you deprive Alden of the one thing it cares about, and that’s cash.”  Krieger’s idea is to force Alden to sell the Camera to a buyer that wants to preserve and protect our newspaper.

If you want a free and independent press and a vibrant, healthy Camera in particular, this website offers the opportunity to take collective action by joining other community members in cancelling their subscriptions and forcing a sale of our newspaper.

Send a Unified Demand for a Free, Independent Press

  • If you have already cancelled your subscription, simply leave a comment below this post with your name and anything else you’d like to add.
  • If you haven’t yet cancelled, call the Camera’s circulation desk:  (303) 444-3444 and ask to speak with an agent.  Once you have cancelled leave a comment below this post with your name and anything else you’d like to add.

Find Out More

Need to know more about the issue?  Read the next post.

Want to do more?  Strength in Numbers

  1. Share this site far and wide–friends, family, social media.  We need numbers to save our newspaper.
  2. Call advertisers and request that they limit or stop advertising.
  3. Consider donating your subscriptions dollars to support The Colorado Independent.  It is a statewide, independent online news source proving factual, fair and unflinching news in the public interest staffed by former journalists from the Rocky Mountain News, Denver Post and Daily Camera, among others.
  4. If you know anyone willing to invest in creating a new community newspaper, forward their name.

One thought on “Cancel Your Camera Subscription

  1. Mary Rogers–I cancelled my subscription today, May 11. Wasn’t an easy decision as the Camera has been a great source of local news, but I see no sense is using my dollars to feed the Alden vulture.


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