Hi, I’m Mary.  A Camera reader for decades I have continued my subscription even though rates have increased consistently while content and quality declined.  Because I believed in supporting journalism, a pillar of our democracy.

But now I see that I have been duped.  While the Internet was blamed for print media’s decline and has certainly challenged it, the last month has revealed the much bigger role played by Alden Global Capital, a vulture capital fund, and Digital First Media.

Instead of supporting journalists, my subscription dollars were supporting the activities of these two firms that had nothing to do with our community newspaper.  And then editor Dave Krieger was fired for informing readers of these goings on.

There has been much concern voiced in our NextDoor Neighbor group as well as in the national media.  But this is not enough.  We need to take action and not just bemoan the situation if we want to save our community newspaper from its ultimate demise at the hands of Alden.

Let’s not let this watershed moment pass.  Now is the time to send a unified message that Boulder County readers are fed up with the decimation of our newspaper.  So I hope you’ll join me to create a mass cancellation of subscriptions.  Creating financial pain is the only thing that Alden will respond to, hopefully by selling the paper to a responsible company.

I canceled my subscription yesterday and it was actually painful.  I love keeping abreast of local news and happenings around the county.  But as this site’s tagline states, “Sometimes to save something, you must start over.”

Ready to cancel and help start over?